We love what we do and we’ve been told it shows.

Here are just a few snippets from the hundreds of projects we have completed.

Almost all of our work for our clients is proprietary, so we’re unable to show it here in an open forum. We’d be happy to share a larger

selection with you privately. Just click here, or call us to tell us a little about your specific needs and we’ll share some appropriate samples with you.

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Basic Corrosion

Client: NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers)

The brief was to take NACE's foundational course material, Basic Corrosion, and take it from a multi-day, classroom based training program to 13 hours of modular eLearning.

We utilized photography, animations, charts, interactions and sound to create an immersive and engaging experience.

NACE loved it so much that they asked us to create an accompanying  3 minute "Promo" video for the course. We'll share that with you after the official launch at the end of March, 2015.

Management, Ethics and, Entrepreneurship

Client: AES (Applied Educational Systems)

Applied Educational Systems produces engaging eLearning to supplement traditional classroom-based instruction for junior high/high school aged students.

With demand being high, they needed a way to expand seamlessly and produce a large number of instructional hours for their customers.  On recommendation, they called Head3 and we created a trial course for them on Business Ethics.  They liked it so much, we were given 33 additional lessons to produce.

We developed a highly a collaborative working relationship where ideas and best practices were shared which improved the development processes of both organizations going forward.

Medical CME Accredited Courses

Client: Healthstream/Mölnlycke.

Quite simply, this project is groundbreaking. We had the opportunity to work with a cutting edge team to produce a series of accredited courses for the medical industry. A total of more than 18 hours of interactive e-Learning for hospital staff and medical professionals.

SMART Instructional Design

Client: SMART Instructional Design

We were asked to create a proof of concept course. Something that would teach the basics of Instructional Design. It had to be fun, engaging, playful. It had to demonstrate the basic principals whilst at the same time really imparting that knowledge to the learner in a way that got in and stayed there.